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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Event Check-In – “Broadway” PGA TOUR Superstore  – 10AM – 4PM

  • Receive your Participant Badge and Tournament Gift Bag which includes:
    • $50 Gift card to Homegrown Hospitality Group Restaurants
    • JDX Brand Tournament logo’d performance polo
    • $20 Tournament Card to the PGA TOUR Superstore
    • one (1) dozen Saintnine golf balls
    • two (2) drink tickets each day
      *Gift bag is subject to change without notice at any time.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Tournament Round 1 – Best Ball
Courses – Pawleys Plantation, Aberdeen, The Wizard, Burning Ridge, Founders Club, Blackmoor, Sandpiper Bay

  • Tee Times from 7:45 to 9:51AM
  • Each member will play their own ball and the lowest score of the two team members will be recorded as the score for that hole.
  • Players will use 80% if their current handicap.
  • Each player receives two (2) drink tickets valid at the clubhouse for beer/fountain drinks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tournament Round 2 – Scramble
Courses – Diamondback, Man’O’War, Long Bay, Tradition, River Hills, Shaftesbury Glen, Wachesaw East

  • Tee Times from 7:45 to 9:51AM
  • Each team member tees off
  • Select the best tee shot of the team and both team members will hit from that spot. Continue that process until the ball is holed. A minimum of six tee shots per team member must be used.
  • Team handicap will be calculated using 25% of each player’s current handicap
  • Each player receives two (2) drink tickets valid at the clubhouse for beer/fountain drinks.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Tournament Round 3 – Modified Alternate Shot
Courses – Hackler Course, True Blue, Blackmoor, Meadowlands, Shaftesbury Glen, Arrowhead, The Wizard

  • Tee Times from 7:45 to 9:51AM
  • Each team member will play their own ball off the tee. Alternate shot from the tee shot forward. One score for each hole to determine the team score.
  • Each member will use 40% of their team handicap
  • Each player receives two (2) drink tickets valid at the clubhouse for beer/fountain drinks.

Following play, awards will be distributed to the top 5 teams in each flight. Randomly drawn prizes will be selected Tuesday night, for Wednesday pickup/distribution. You do not have to be present to win. All prizes may be mailed upon request.

At least one person per each 2-person team must have served in the United States Military.

Single entries are welcome! Single entries must be a veteran and will be randomly paired up prior to the event.

The tournament costs $299 per person through March 30th. After which time the entry fee is $339. The entry fee includes a gift bag, 3 rounds of tournament golf (+ 2 drink tickets per course), and prizes!

Your entry fee includes:

  • Three (3) rounds of tournament golf
    • Two (2) Drink tickets to each course
      • valid for beer/fountain drinks/water
  • Welcome Gift Bag
    • $50 gift card to Homegrown Hospitality Restaurant Group
    • JDX Tournament Logo’d Performance Polo
    • $20 Tournament Card to PGA TOUR Superstore
    • One (1) Dozen Saintnine Golf Balls
    • Tournament Logo’d Bag Tag
      • gift bag is subject to change without notice at any time.
  • Chance to win Flight Prizes and Randomly Drawn Prizes!
    • The Top 5 teams in each flight are awarded with a gift card and commemorative trophy
  • Chance to win contests like Closest to Pin & Long Drive!

Yes, all participants MUST maintain an official WHS (World Handicap System) handicap. All players are subject to handicap adjustments before and during the event at the tournament committee discretion. Adjustments may be made without notice and players may be deemed ineligible for prizes without refund if necessary. Adjustments are not mandatory for that determination to take place. All decisions are final.

Consecutive top 5 finishes in a flight year over year may result in a USGA TPS type handicap reduction for consistent exemplary tournament finishes. 

If you do not currently keep an official WHS handicap, you MUST have an official WHS handicap established prior to the May 1st deadline.

At Golf Tourism Solutions, we operate multiple handicap events throughout the calendar year. In order to better serve our participants, we have developed and deployed a Tournament Points System for each event that helps our team better monitor handicapping year to year for those that consistently finish at or near the top of the leaderboard. 

  • First place = 5 points 
  • Second Place = 4 points 
  • Third Place = 3 points 
  • Fourth Place = 2 points
  • Fifth place = 1 point

This system takes into account an individuals top performances across the previous two years of the event using a cumulative points system. Once their TPS point total for the event reaches a certain level over the two year period for the event, the TPS reduction is then applied to the tournament index for that participant. The levels of reduction are detailed below.

  • 10 total points is a 3 stroke reduction
  • 8 total points is a 2 stroke reduction
  • 6 total points is a 1 stroke reduction

Golf Tourism Solutions events included in this Tournament Points System are the following: Myrtle Beach World Amateur, World Amateur Q School, Short Par 4 Fall Classic, GolfBuddy Veterans Classic, Brittain Resorts Classic, Golf Trek Challenge, and Saintnine Couples Challenge

*Tournament Points System subject to change at any time. 

The Veterans Classic is a two-person team event. The daily formats are:

  • Round 1 – Best Ball
  • Round 2 – Scramble
  • Round 3 – Modified Alternate Shot

Teams will be flighted by combined team handicap into approximately four flights.

IE: Team 1 has Player A with a 10.3 handicap and Player B with an 11.5 handicap.  Their combined handicap is 21.8. The lowest 60 team handicaps will be placed in the first flight. The next 60 teams will be in the second flight and so on. Based on a full field of 680 players*

The tournament will be scored with net results using a percentage of each player’s handicap.

Men 59 & younger will play from the standard white tees, Men 60+ will have the option to play from senior, 70+ will have a super senior tee option (if available), and Ladies will play from the Red tees. 

You may request to play in the same flight as another team, but all players will have to play down to the lowest team handicap of the players involved.

For example: If TEAM 1 has a 32.4 handicap and wanted to play with TEAM 2 that has a 19.2 handicap, then TEAM 1 would be flighted with each player being equally adjusted to reach a team handicap of 19.2. Once flighting is complete, TEAM 1 will have their handicaps restored to the highest threshold of that flight (not to exceed their original handicaps) in order to give them as much of their original handicap as possible (If the threshold was 24.2, then each TEAM 1 member would receive half of the 5.0 index points and play at a team handicap of 24.2 for the event). Requesting to be in the same flight as a friend DOES NOT mean you will be placed in the same grouping.

The tournament committee requires all Flight Together requests to be made on the handicap submission form.  No changes will be made to a player’s flight once the course assignments are announced.

No, all players will be riding with their intended partner.

The USGA Rules of Golf will govern play. Local rules at each course will apply. The Tournament Committee will resolve all disputes regarding every aspect of tournament play.

The Veterans Classic will refund a participant that may cancel between their date of entry and end of day April 30, 2022 minus a $35 cancellation fee. Any cancellation received after April 30, 2022 and before end of day May 20, 2022 will be refunded minus a $100 cancellation fee. Cancellations received after May 21, 2022 will not be refunded any of their entry fee regardless of circumstance.

Any cancellations must be made via email and sent to Ryan Hart at RHart@golfholiday.com and physical mail written cancellations may be sent to VETERANS CLASSIC REFUNDS/2051 Golf Academy Way/North Myrtle Beach SC 29582. Cancel date is determined by date received.

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